Friday, February 03, 2006

Blogs' pertinence in a corporate sales perspective

Today's topic for you to clarify our confusion lies with the following:

1. How Blogs are any different than chat rooms that are subject related?
2. How will a blog help a business produce sales or attract customers?

Introduction & Purpose

Dear all,

My name is Jean-Marc (French spelling for John-Mark).

Starting this semester, I am looking forward to complete an “Global Logistics Technology” degree, to upgrade my Supply-Chain related experiences, complete a long outstanding academic accomplishment project.

As part of our discussions, my friends and I are having fierce debates over various E-commerce related issues. Should you like to join-in and bring your worthy experiences and thoughts on the subjects you will be most welcome.

We very much look forward to share our thoughts and ideas with all of you.


Jean-Marc Leonardi